Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Soutěž o setkání s Asking Alexandria

Vážení fanoušci Asking Alexandria,

rádi bychom Vás informovali, že dnešním dnem spouštíme soutěž o zákulisní setkání s kapelou v den vyprodaného koncertu 23. 8. v Praze.

Během zvukové zkoušky máme domluvený rozhovor s kapelou, ze kterého bychom rádi pořídili i krátký fotoreport, který by byl součástí následného článku. Vítěz soutěže tak bude plnit i roli občasného fotografa a zároveň může přispět i nějakou tou otázkou během rozhovoru. Fotka s aktuálně dostupnými členy kapely je samozřejmostí. Součástí balíčku je i vstup na již několik týdnů vyprodaný koncert. Podmínkou soutěže je přispění nejužitečnější tématem, dle vyhodnocení redakce, pro seriál magazínu Muzikus Hudební Psychologie, který aktuálně uzavírá druhou desítku uveřejněných dílů. Na webu je dostupná první desítka a na vyžádání můžeme poskytnout i zbylé díly, které vyšly pouze v časopise.

Budeme se těšit na Vaše příspěvky na dan.sywala@muzikus.cz a do komentářů pod touto výzvou přijímáme i otázky na kapelu.

S pozdravem,

Tým magazínu Muzikus

Monday, June 27, 2016

Any questions on Daniel Gildenlöw (Pain Of Salvation)?

For an interview with Daniel Gildenlöw of Pain Of Salvation on 28th June, I'm preparing some questions, but I would also like to offer you others to join. It will be included in the series (Top 10 fav albums of) in magazine Muzikus, but I'm planning to talk with Daniel about gear and mainly about Remedy Lane Re:visited. Hopefully there will some time be little bit philosophical about the lyrics...

Feel free to join and add questions on Daniel.

Cheers. Daniel ;D

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

In Ears - May 2016

For May 2016 we will take a closer look at Torche - Meanderthal, Ihsahn – Arktis. & Das Seelenbrechen, Deftones - Gore, Lenka Dusilová & Baromantika - Live At Café V Lese and Pain Of Salvation - Remedy Lane Re:visited (Re:mixed & Re:lived) Out July 1st, 2016. I am not saying, there are all tips that you should spent hours on, but they are worth attention.

Respect for the elders: Frank Zappa, Ulver, Enjoy Elvis and give yourself a challange with Anneke van Giersbergen, Árstíðir - Verloren Verleden

No “Click” Section: Starting with items from the lofely article 10 MetalAlbums For People Who Don’t Like Metal
Deafheaven, Isis, Neurosis - third try, Pallbearer. The Foreshadowing - not this time. Same goes to Novembre - Ursa. Beautiful job on Materia from 2006, but not this time. So many recommendations on Fallujah - Dreamless- but it simply didn't click, even though I respect their innovative and experimental approach. 

Torche - Meanderthal
Hope Torche will not get offended, but this album seems to me as a growing tool for punk rock fans. Do you love The Offspring since elementary school, do u wanna run from joy with Rise Against, but at the same time grow as a listener? Do yourself a favor and give these guys few tries and your horizons will broad massively. If post, doom, prog are not part of your vocabulary, this might be a door opener. 

Ihsahn – Arktis. & Das Seelenbrechen
Avant-garde master’s new album Arktis. is such a big topic everywhere, for its revolutionary accessible approach, but what surprises me, is even Ihsahn, including our interview, to a certain extend, is distancing from his previous album - Das Seelenbrechen (as he says: “Too wild, too nonstructural) However his new album made me realize, Das Seelenbrechen is for me the best album in Ihsahn's discography.

Deftones - Gore
Hardly, we will find a band from Nu-Metal era, with such a respect and influence as Deftones. When did you discover Deftones? I did with Back To School. In general, I was obsessed with the whole Nu-Metal scene, but only Deftones deserve the same level of respect today. Their latest albums are simply amazing and same goes with their brand new Gore album. I was also really honored to finally speak to Stephen Carpenter for Muzikus magazine. It was solid interview, but we had small amount of time. There was only time to talk a bit about gear, new album, the band, but there was simply no time to ask sensitive subjects. Normally, if you have one hour, you can get as close, to ask about some stuff. Therefore, I felt to leave the topic of the loss of bass player Chi Cheng. In addition, this song was so close to me about a month and a half ago.

Lenka Dusilová & Baromantika - Live At Café V Lese
I always had a feeling for a female singers with taste. Whether it is Anneke Van Giersbergen, Cristina Scabbia of Lacuna Coil, or even Sade, you could turn on shuffle and enjoy every note. Lenka Dusilová was never someone I would be concerned about, but this live album is simply breathtaking. It was extremely useful in tougher times and I tend to enjoy it since, in a sort of positive melancholic moments. Hopefully, I might see you Lenka in Café V lese soon. I live close… 

Pain Of Salvation - 
Remedy Lane Re:visited (Re:mixed & Re:lived) Out July 1st, 2016
PoS and Fight Club. Too much for one day. I read the book - movie is better. I love the album but the live version is more emotional, if that's even possible. Trust me, you will love the non-acoustic live album, when it comes out.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Alanis Morissette - Jagged Little Pill (Collective Interpretation)

I have been a fan of this album for two decades but it took nearly twenty years to have a proper meaning to me. I am more than aware, it's not only me. This album might not need any interpretation, as the lyrics do the job. However it teaches you to finally give proper attention to lyrics, as this album helps, more than any, I came across in my life. Please share with us how did it help you, mention open interpretation or add a quote from lyrics. 

It's up to you if it would be over commentary, email and it could be done full name, using initials or fully anonymous.

01 - All I Really Want: Video Lyrics

JLC: Nothing comes close to the way I feel.
DP: it's creativity takes takes on a whole new meaning when your pissed!😃
CB: this is for you mom in Heaven I MISS YOU

02 - You Oughta Know: Video Lyrics

KW: "every time I scratch my nails down someone else's back, I hope you feel it."
JW: This song is for those who dumped their behalf and betraide after all the sacrifices the other half had been through
JB: I never understood these lyrics so much before the current situation I'm in
LG: When he doesn't text back
TH: When you're singing along to this for fun but then the lyrics start becoming relevant to your past relationships.
NQ: I remember leaving a mess when I went away. Can I feel it; Yes.
MD: I know how she feels!
FD: is not fairrrr.....
KC: Thank you for sharing your pain. It's beautiful and touching.
MP: Oh, fuck, this is true feminine rage, and it's what it should be.
AT: I find her female rage highly impressive. I like a woman who can articulate her anger well and honestly. She is fucking PISSED in this song; betrayal and contempt drips from every word. It doesn't matter if it's justified or "mature" or whatever else, I find it a fascinatingly honest portrait.

03 - Perfect: Video Lyrics

DT: We are trying to make the whole world happy, but we forget about ourselves.
VM: My parents' song. Nothing ever good enough. "Because I ruined my life."

04 - Hand In My Pocket: Video Lyrics
PF: We are saying goodbye, and I could punch you, but I'm just saying sorry, flicking a cigarette and hailing a taxi cab. The outside world falls apart, but I can keep something tough and warm inside me.
SC: Makes me want to cry when I think about all I had during the time this song was released compared to how it all turned out. Oh well, I'll keep on truckin'
LT: You can feel what she's trying to tell you
DD: This record changed my life in so many ways.
AI: For all the commentators of this how do you want to make the world a little better? I want to turn men and women back into gentleman and ladies. I am tired of seeing the abandonment around me. Fellas let's be a blessing to our women
RR: My friends and I agree that this incredibly, amazing, fantastic album is the second best female album of all time. Just a smidgeon below Carole Kings "Tapestry".
JW: The many facets of one human being...

06 – Forgiven: Video Lyrics

BS: Looking for any sort of excuse for your action. It gets simpler, more distant the memory is.
DS: Some dance to remember, some dance to forget (Hotel California)
KO: Anyone else had their minds opened at age 8 by the simply put phrase, "I have one more stupid question," in exactly the way she puts it? ... that it's actually quite a good question. ...

07 – You Learn: Video Lyrics

TE: Every shit is a valuable lesson. You walk the night singing - all experiences are a little bit clearer. You sing sad and drunk - you learn and you are happy. ;D
PF: Get 'something' is lose 'everything else'. But in the end, you are not losing anything. Even the most pathetic situations has a meaning.
JW: First time I watched this I thought it was buffering
DC: I was young and never think about it. This song its talking about...weed! "When the smoke clears...You learn" ;)
IS: well we live to learn to learn to live
SW: 296 people did not learn
AA: We learn every day!

08 – Head Over Feet: Video Lyrics

LC: I did what I could, but it was not enough for you. You might lied to me you love me, but it doesn’t matter, as you are already gone. You might still love me, but it’s too late.
WL: Real men listen to Alanis
HT: I had no idea what the song lyrics meant until I looked it up recently.
EL: Why is it now i look inperfectly at any inperfections and judge them when before i would just look and see a unquie character inperfection of perfection that was original and made me love thier soul.
LA: I want to be able to relate to this song

09 – Mary Jane: Video Lyrics

JL: Is he beating you, are you too fat, too ugly? Well, you are not. You are beautiful. No sleep, can’t eat, having scars on your face…Why don’t you tell it to anybody? Talk to us! I know you are too strong, too proud, but you can’t change him. You care and you don’t deserve to be unhappy. Especially you don’t deserve to be killed. Speak up!
RS: This album changed my life long before I realized it! I am 33 now and I listened to it over and over again then! now that I listen to it now, I feel the recognition in my soul!

10 – Ironic: Video Lyrics
AM: Young couple, prepared to have kids, but you changed your mind the last moment
TM: We finally found our apparent, but you found a home somewhere else
NN: You want kids and you wanted to get married asap, but when it’s getting close, it’s going too fast.
BB: I gave you seven children and now you wanna give them back (R.I.P. B.B. King)
OS: When u solve your shit 5min before therapy…

Isn’t that ironic?

11 – Not The Doctor: Video Lyrics
LN: If you lack energy, you can’t help. Same, if you don’t talk to me, I can’t understand your troubles. We have to be much stronger men. Women act, they are a support for us, but when u really need them, you are asking too much.

12 – Wake Up: Video Lyrics

TI: Too picky, too spoiled, have you really seen what the life is about? Lies, betrayal, phobia? You know nothing. Nothing is given to you and when you don’t appreciate it, nothing good will come back.

13 - You Oughta Know (Alternate Take): Video Lyrics

DS: No comment

AB: You think I will wait here as an asshole? You got your 10th chance, but it’s too late. Did you deny me or was it all just too attractive? I will be around... Not for u 

14 – Your House: Video Lyrics

Monday, June 6, 2016

Any questions on Amos Williams (Tesseract)?

Dear fellow fans of Tesseract. For Czech gear oriented magazine Muzikus, I'm currently preparing an e-mail interview (questions to send by the end of the week) with bass player Amos Williams. There are number of topics to discuss, but I'm open for your input. Cheers

We will talk about:
Live/studio gear set-up
Artistic approach
Writing process
Balance in the band

...still, I'm open for your ideas. Cheers

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Behind the scenes of an Interview with Mark Tremonti

As you may know, Mark is really two sentences expert. It was really hard for him to open up a bit. However, by a mix of friendly questions, finding surprisingly plenty of common ground, we could later cover some sensitive issues. I include few tips on this matter as well...

I first came into a contact with Mark's guitar playing with Creed, back in the day, I was about 14y old. My girlfriend back then loved the band and their catchy tunes as With Arms Wide OpenOne Last BreathMy Sacrifice. Well, the whole bloody world did. Next to that, I remember till this day, how My Sacrifice supported this incredible video, with the best football moments ever. When I lived in Serbia, without YouTube, we were sharing this video by any means possible.

Get the guitar hero to talk

Before you may start asking sort of personal questions as: "How come you were always so shy to sing? Was it a bit frustrating to be always called "just" a top class guitarist, even though you are such a great writer of vocal melodies?" The best option is to start with a friendly stuff: I'm a big soccer and table tennis fan, so is he. We both love 80's Bay Area thrash metal band Forbidden and their hardly known masterpiece Forbidden Evil ("This is one of my most favorite albums dude!!"), old Sepultura, Jason Newsted's amazing solo project etc. Add honest compliments on his singing and the interview is suddenly a friendly talk!

Suddenly you see, answers are getting longer and more open, even though the topics of solo career or bravery to sing are sensitive issues. However with a support from a family and friends nothing is impossible, as he says. Afterwards we found some another similar interests at brilliant Australian band Karnivool. The reason was, both of their guitarists are participating in a project Fret12 which works as a platform to connect guitarists with their fans. Established by Mark's younger brother Dan btw.

Sensitive question alert

I have been dealing with a issue to include OR not to include sensitive questions in the past two weeks, more than ever. No matter, if it was Mark, Ritchie Blackmore or Stephen Carpenter of Deftones. It really depends on the mood, length and openness of the interview. There might be great opportunities, as when I spoke with Jason Newsted for an hour, but when some of these guys answer barely in two sentences, interview has given time of 20 minutes, there is simply no time for anything deeper. Plus, I would ruin the whole thing. You might say: "You will never talk again!" It might be true, might not, but I still value the talk and this would be disrespectful. Therefore the best option is to mention upfront, this would be the last question and solve the whole Creed/Scott Stapp going nuts by a simple and honest question (plus Mark felt, I'm sort of obliged to ask it): "At the end, I would like to kindly ask you for all loyal Creed fans, if there is a chance for any new music in the upcoming years?"

There was no tabloid effect in the question, no intention to cover Scott's troubles and the priority of this question, were really the fans. Therefore I received sort of press release answer, as he is used to say these two sentences regularly, but still in a friendly way: "I am not saying, it will never happen. However, currently I'm fully occupied by promoting Dust and writing of new Alter Bridge album to be released next years, therefore the fans of Creed, have to be patient."   

Sth for Alter Bridge fans - Blackbrid Live Amsterdam.
The Best Solo All Time according to Guitar Magazine